Grades K -  5th

The high energy church for grades K - 5. The Surge opens up the doors and pulls out all the stops in creating educational moments for children. The goal is to always take them to a place of decision, whether it is salvation, healing, or prayer for a need. Our high octane approach to building the lesson time eventually moves into a cruise orbit mode, and even an occasional lunar landing, where the action ceases and they see their need and want to deal with it. Our objective is for everyone that comes to The Surge to feel loved, sense the presence of God, and be given ample opportunity for both salvation and growth in Christ. Our services are designed to meet kids where they are and take them to the next level with Christ.


In the mix of a typical Surge morning, we will open with a blast that gives instruction and understanding of what the morning's lesson is about. The Surge is full of bible, games, praise & worship, drama, puppets, stories, and humor. All is centered to take the kids to that moment of decision. Although The Surge is exciting, it also has been a place of healing, salvation, tears and laughter.

Many kids attend The Surge because they have a place where they feel they can meet with God. We see prayer without invitation, worship without encouragement to do so, responding to God because they feel it in their hearts. The Surge is created for kids, but its creation is to glorify our heavenly Father through the lives of our boys and girls.

The Cross Loganville

A Place of Authentic Ministry

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