It is more than a song, it is a lifestyle


Jesus is seeking a relationship with each one of us.  As we get to know Him, we want to express our love to Him more and more.  One of the ways we do this is through corporate worship, the practice of singing songs together about how much He loves us and what He has done to make a way for us to heaven.  We also sing straight to Him in an effort to bless Him because the Father loves to hear His children sing.


The Cross Worship family strives to create an environment that invites the Christ follower to let go and the lost seeker to meet Jesus.   We are a bunch of ragamuffin musicians who love the Lord and want to go deeper.  Any worship gathering is an invitation to come along with us.  Your voice is a unique instrument that only you can use for His Glory.  Sing to your King. Bless the One who has set you free. Make Him known wherever you go.



We are a 100% volunteer band.  If you are interested in volunteering for the worship team, please read through the following statements to understand how we operate.


1. We are a worship family not a team.  We function a lot like a small group, caring for one another and pushing each other to go deeper with Christ.  This is our church.  We serve here and give here.


2. There are a few different stages and rooms where music is needed every Sunday and none is greater than the other.  A willingness to serve where you are needed is a must.


3. You must be willing to be a student of your instrument and be willing to mentor someone else.  We are always looking  for ways to involve others and ensure we have depth of talent.


4. Everyone must have a thriving and active relationship with Jesus.   Standing on any stage is a leadership role and people will look to you as an example.  The unity of the Spirit within our worship family is vital.


5. Playing/Singing in front of anyone here must be viewed as servanthood.


6. This is a time-consuming area in which to volunteer.  When you say you can play on a Sunday, you are letting me know that you are not only available to practice on Tuesday and play Sunday morning, but that you will also make time to prepare individually musically and spiritually.


7. We keep the bar set high in the area of musical understanding, heart condition, and skill of our team. We believe that our people must be pursuing an authentic relationship with God as well as striving for excellence in their musical ability.


8. With grace and a willingness to learn, we communicate honestly with one another.  We choose to be difficult to offend.  We honor the direction of our leaders and talk through things in a productive and redemptive manner.


If after reading through this you would be interested in volunteering for the worship team,


please email nic@thecrossloganville.org


The Cross Loganville

A Place of Authentic Ministry

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